AD*STAR® Woven Polypropylene Bags

Three of dimensional bags made of woven polypropylene with side valve for Packing. They are used for packing cement, chemical material, feeds, fertilizers etc. Polypropylene woven Bags are characterized with the following:

Advantages of AD*STAR® :

  • Polypropylene bag life is longer than paper bags while paper bag cannot protect the products for long time.
  • Empty Polypropylene bag weight is less than three times paper bag weight. This has an advantage of increasing the number of empty shipped bags.
  • Endures high humidity, rain, sun during the storage.
  • Less wastage during production and handling.
  • Reduced Costs to customers.
  • Availability of the raw material of polypropylene is many markets throughout the world unlike paper as it is limited and found in certain international markets only.
Dimensions of AD*STAR® :

  • Sack Width: 35-60 cms
  • Sack Length: 45-91 cms
  • Bottom width: 08-16 cms
  • Top Valve width: 08-16 cms
  • Printing: 6 Colors (Optional) OR BOPP

Dropping filled bags from trucks is less harmful to bags than the case with paper bags due to polypropylene bag tensile strength. The Possibility of recycling polypropylene bags after using into granules for environmental protection. The bag tensile strength protects the bag from tear and wastage the product it contains. Maintains the factory uncontaminated upon packing, shipping, transportation, discharge and storage.

Shipping and Storage

The feature of the cubic bag enhances its performance during shipping, stacking as well as handling.