A large portion of woven sacks – 30 to 40 percent – is produced with coating, because coated sacks provide much better protection of the contents from dust and especially from moisture. Coated fabric also offers better printability. However, uncoated sacks are preferred for some applications, especially for filling goods that require breathable fabric. For the very purpose, we use Starlinger’s Austrian Model Latest technology i.e. lamiTEC MX, LX, CX.



The lamiTEC series represents a new version of the high-level coating and laminating line for endless tubular or flat fabric woven of PP or HDPE with additional substrates. Ideal for coated bags and fabric, technical fabric, and fabric laminated with printed PP film for packaging consumer products.
The qualiTEC inspection unit reduces waste and increases overall productivity.

Advantages of lamiTEC Coating Line:

  • Automatic roll change at speeds up to 220 m/min* (LX / CX), semi automatic roll change up to 50 m/min* (MX)
  • Line speed up to 220 m/min*
  • Higher extruder output by newly designed main and co-extruder of totally more than 500 kg/h*
  • Edge trimming for coloured and transparent overcoating
  • Modular machine concept
  • Operator-friendly construction

* Depending on machine type, fabric and roll quality

Technical data – lamiTEC MX:

  • Working width, doubleflat 250 – 800 mm
  • No. of tapes 576
  • Shuttles/machine 4 pcs
  • Weft insertion* 360 ppm
  • Weft package weight (max.) 7 kg
  • Warp/weft core inside diameter * 35 mm
  • Warp/weft length of core * 218 mm
  • Warp bobbin diameter (max.) 160 mm
  • Weft bobbin diameter (max.) 115 mm
  • Winding roll diameter (max.) 1200 mm

* for coating of fabric; depending on fabric quality

Technical data – lamiTEC LX, CX:

  • Working width 1500 mm
  • Operating speed (max.)* 220 m/min.
  • Melting capacity (max.) Extruder A E 90.33D 420 kg/h.
  • Option: Coextrusion lamiTEC
  • Operating speed (max.) 150 m/min.
  • Melting capacity (max.) Extruder B E 45.33D 115 kg/h.

* for coating of fabric; depending on fabric quality.