At the end of the production process, the tubular fabric becomes a sack. And it is the conversion line that gives the sack its final, individual form, cutting it to length, sewing it, and adding the desired closure type – or forming a brick-shaped AD*STAR® sack in a special adhesive-free heat welding process. For the very purpose, we use Starlinger’s Austrian Model Latest technology i.e. ad*starKON SX, SX+.



Combining outstanding production speed, high-precision bottom closure and superfast format change, the latest model in the Starlinger AD*STAR conversion line series gives converters a technological head-start in poly-woven block bottom sack production.

Designed for the economic production of standard, open mouth, 2-ply, pocket valve and BOPP laminated AD*STAR sacks the conversion line runs at a production speed of up to 100 sacks/minute. The pin-free continuous sack transport system and the precisely working bottom forming section ensure reliable bottom and top closure without harming the fabric.

Even if the width of the tape fabric on a roll used for sack production varies, the ad*starKON SX+ will be able to convert it into perfect block bottom valve sacks. An integrated fabric width monitoring system continuously checks the fabric width and automatically compensates width variations, ensuring constant high-quality bottom geometry. This does not only avoid unnecessary machine stops but also reduces the number of rejects significantly. Changing the sack format is also easier than ever: The new sack format is defined on the main control panel and carried out automatically on the machine by key press.

Advantages of ad*starKON SX, SX+:

  • Worldwide patented hot air sealing technology
  • Production of standard, 2-ply, open mouth, pocket valve and BOPP laminated AD*STAR® bags
  • High precision bottom geometry through fabric width monitoring system
  • Tempering/preheating of the patch and valve material
  • Super-fast format change
  • Adjustment of valve and cover patches during production
  • Self-documenting graphical user interface
  • Sensors at strategic process points
  • Fabric roll monitoring system
  • Easy changeover to microSTAR perforation
  • Compact design
  • Extended bag format range
Technical Data – ad*starKON SX

  • Machine speed (max.) 85 sacks/min
  • Sack width 35 (30*) – 60 cm
  • Sack length 45 (43*) – 91 cm
  • Bottom width**
  • 8 – 18 cm 85 sacks/min

* *mini AD*STAR, ** depending on bag design

Technical Data – ad*starKON SX+:

  • Machine speed (max.) 100 sacks/min
  • Sack width 30 – 60 cm
  • Sack length 43 – 91 cm
  • Bottom width**
  • 8 – 12 cm 100 sacks/min
  • 13 – 14 cm 95 sacks/min
  • 15 – 16 cm 90 sacks/min
  • 17 – 18 cm 85 sacks/min

* *mini AD*STAR, ** depending on bag design