Valve Bags are also known as valve sacks. These bags are designed for high speed filling on spout packers. Valve bags are often used to hold granular products from fine powders such as cement, sugar and crump rubber. These bags have a great valve technology.

A valve on the bag allows quick and simple closing after filling as it gets rid of the need for sewing. Once the Valve Bag is filled the valve shuts automatically. Valve bags are tear-resistant and they allow large and stable stacking volumes. These bags have .got sleeves where the sleeve functions as a check valve to keep the product from sifting out of the bag once it is filled.

Our bags are manufactured by ADSTAR sacks, Starlinger, Austria.

Block bottom sacks are made without adhesives from coated polypropylene fabric. These sacks can be produced either as one-layer block bottom valve bags or as open mouth bags with block bottoms. They beat all similar products as far as resistance is concerned. These bags are economical and eco-friendly.

Attributes of Valve Bags:

  • Name: Block Bottom Valve Sacks
  • Material : Polypropylene Resin
  • Printing : Flexoprinting Plain, Printed
  • Loading Capacity: Up to 50KG
  • Supply Capacity: Up to 180 million sacks per annum
  • Applications: Cement Packaging, Chemical Material, Feeds, Fertilizers etc
Dimensions of Valve Bags:

  • Sack Width: 35-60 cms
  • Sack Length: 45-91 cms
  • Bottom width: 08-16 cms
  • Top Valve width: 08-16 cms
  • Printing: 6 Colors (Optional)

Competitive advantage over Kraft paper bags: Water resistant, moisture resistant, high tensile strength, zero bursting, easily withstand rough and multiple handling while transportation, tear resistant, hermetically sealed and cost effective.

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