The Men at Service

THE BAG MAKER, begin a service-oriented company, which do not skip any effort to fulfill the needs of its customer. A strong team consisting skilled workforce, qualified, technical, sales & administrative staff and executive personal are always attentive to offer the best services to its valued customers.


Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we have established full-fledged quality assurance lab to give consistent quality product to the end users. Which our stringent quality procedures and our constant attention to our customer needs you can be confident that you are buying from one among the best manufacturers.


When choosing THE BAG MAKER, be assured the you’re dealing with fully international company that will provide you with unparalleled quality products and service. We are fully responsible for every aspect of our products, from – extrusion, Fabric weaving, Product design, Bag construction and Quality Testing to Shipping and Distribution.


For one piece of A4 paper, 10 liter water is used and for every 3000 A4 papers, 1 Tree is used. For the very reason, we take it on high priority to keep in consideration the use of Environmentally Efficient Material & Technology for the production of our bags. Our bags are Oxo-biodegradable Sacks, degradable to water, CO2 and Biomass as per customers’ required time-frame by using D2W additives during production.